Free online poker games – become perfect at playing poker

Free online poker games – how to enhance your gaming skills without losing money

Poker is known as a play of skill, not of chance. It’s a strategy game, so one has to practice a lot to become a successful player. The best way to possess a better grasp of poker techniques and hone your skills is to play free online poker games. You risk nothing but get a great chance to get a good feel for the game.

What makes online poker so popular?

  • You don’t have to travel to a casino or poker room – just use your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to enter a poker tournament.
  • You can play free poker games online – any single offline casino offers such an option.
  • Many players feel awkward, embarrassed or even intimidated, as they are forced to sit across from each other being observed by other players and wear a poker face. Playing poker online, you’ll feel comfortable and concentrated.
  • No matter if you play online poker with your virtual funds or real money, the average rates in the online casino are remarkably lower than in the brick-and-mortar gambling house.

How to play free online poker games

Playing poker online is easy. The rules and hand rankings do not change. Basically, the only big difference is that offline poker tournaments are held in casinos or poker rooms, where the poker dealer who distributes the card is a human, while online poker games are hosted on virtual platforms and cards are dealt by a computer program automatically.

All you need is a PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone. Some of the free online casinos require players to install and run special software, which you are asked to download from their website. But many other sites do not ask the players to use any apps. So you’re free to choose the one that suits you most.

Most popular free poker slots for everyone

popular free poker slots

Online casinos offer lots and lots of different poker slots. The players who game online can choose between No-Limit, Limit or Pot-Limit slots. So let’s take a look at the most commonly played ones.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular free online video poker games. The rules are quite simple – the player gets two cards (both face down) and tries to get the best hand possible by combining those cards with five community cards (all face up).


Omaha is similar to Texas Hold’em. The player gets four cards (all face down) and has to pick two of them to combine with community cards and get the best hand.


All the twos, threes, fours and fives are removed from the card deck, so there are only 36 cards left. The player is dealt two cards face down; the main goal of the game is to make the best hand (5 cards).

Carribean Studs

If you play Carribean Studs, you have to play against the dealer. The player is dealt with two cards (1 – face down, 1 – face up). In general, the rules are very similar to 5-card stud, the only difference is that the dealer you’re playing against shows only 1 card during the game.

It looks as easy as one-two-three, but in fact, it takes time and skills to master poker skills and strategies. So don’t hesitate to play free poker slots to become perfect in this game.

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