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Let It Ride Poker online and offline games

Let It Ride Poker rules and features

Let It Ride Poker is an online Poker game between the croupier and the gamblers, in which not only luck, but skills are always required. The goal here is simple — to get the best possible hand (minimum, 2 “10”s). It resembles Stud played with five cards. Let It Ride Poker games (there are variants of them) are developed by the Shuffle Master.

Let It Ride Poker sense

poker sense

Here, the gambler has to play Let It Ride Poker against an online casino. Initially, the deck with 52 cards there is used. The player operates with 2 own cards and 3 community ones. The 1st round is started when each one makes the Ante bets. Some casinos and Poker rooms offer additional bets (a dollar, usually). This option gives a person an opportunity to get extra bonus payouts here.

The game rules

The game has the same rules as those set in Atlantic City. Online casinos with Microgaming software offer their own version of this game that is called a progressive Poker Ride. Here, a player can make an additional bet of $ 1 (bonus), which gives an excellent option to get a progressive jackpot which minimum is $ 50 thousand. The happiest gambler that will manage to collect a Royal Flush will get 100% of the biggest possible win, and if a player shows Straight Flush, they will receive 10% of the Let It Ride Poker jackpot.

Further, only 6 cards are given to the gamblers — the first 3 ones are open, and the player gets them, while and 3 cards remain closed. Now, the gamer can either pick up their initial bet (Pull Bet) or leave it and let them play (Let It Ride). The croupier (casino online) then draws out the 4th and 5th cards and the player takes a decision whether to pick up the 2nd bet or leave it in the game. After that, the croupier finally turns the 6th card over. Further, the hands are compared and payments are calculated.

The gambler needs to get at least two 10s, and the final payouts are determined by the Let It Ride Poker player’s hand. A person can win extra bonus payouts in addition to regular ones if they wage an extra $ 1 and collect at least Three of a Kind.

Playing Let it Ride

One can try this game for free or for money, using the following options:

  • Install and use mobile Let It Ride Poker apps;
  • Open web applications dealing with table games, play them free and learn the rules during this mode;
  • Visit Poker rooms and pick there this variant of Stud, etc.

This game can be also played with friends, at home. It can become also a time-break deal if a person wants to rest physically. Both online free and offline (with real deck) versions work well.

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